Chefchaouen - Chefchaouen or Chauen - is fairly quiet and small . If we enter through one of its seven gates and leave to our senses, we are flooded with many new sensations such as the smell of freshly baked bread on wood ready to be eaten or tajine and couscous .

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Outa el hammam

A wide variety of colors of different products, shops and bazaars make a contrast with the dazzling blue-white houses. The mix of voices and sounds will guide you through unknown streets that wind inevitably to the meeting and resting point Place Uta el-Hammam Square.

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Ras el mae

Visit the Kasbah of the gardens and the small museum which houses a small collection of ancient weapons and tools , textiles and historical photos of the city , there is also an art gallery inside the walls. until the modern city on a Monday or Thursday , to understand the market in which the inhabitants of the mountain in traditional costume offer their green products. 

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The craft is one of the most important sources of income of Chefchaouen , mainly fabrics and products in wool and leather , and painted wooden furniture and wrought iron , which own there.